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INCULTUM Pilot: cleaning of the acequia Baja de Pitres

text by Elena Correa Jiménez (University of Granada), photos by Rocco Corselli, MEMOLab researcher. On the 10th of June, the cleaning of the acequia Baja de Pitres (Granada) took place. This activity was organised by the Laboratory of Biocultural Archaeology … Continue reading

UNCHARTED study on strategic planning of cultural policy

The representatives of the European project UNCHARTED met in Volterra with the Mayor Giacomo Santi and the Cultural Councellor Prof. Dario Danti on 13 June 2023. For the UNCHARTED project the team of Promoter S.r.l. was represented by Pietro Masi … Continue reading

INCULTUM Albania pilot latest activities to support cultural tourism in the Upper Vjosa valley

Article and images courtesy of Eglantina Serjani (CeRPHAAL) Activity 1 – New visitors’ leaflets launched in the pilot area of the Upper Vjosa valley In April 2023, INCULTUM partner CeRPHAAL in Albania launched new visitor leaflets about the cultural heritage … Continue reading

Paper by INCULTUM Portuguese pilot on cultural landscape of Campina de Faro.

The cultural landscape of the Campina de Faro is characterized by thepresence of vegetable gardens and orchards associated with a historical,evolving, and adaptable irrigation system, revealing a technological unit(hydraulic infrastructures) and a social unit (local community). The paper, “The cultural … Continue reading

Time Machine Academy: LILLO 1640

Time Machine Academy shows how a virtual reconstruction of a historical site is made, based upon the example of the 17th century fortress of Lillo, Belgium. This fortress was reconstructed by Visual Dimension bvba, in close cooperation with the Centre for Urban History … Continue reading

2nd UNCHARTED Co-creation workshop

The second co-creation workshop of the UNCHARTED project is held in Barcelona, at Centre d’Estudis i Recursos Culturales, on 15-16 June 2023. This workshop is gathering members of the Advisory Board, invited stakeholders from the various fields related to cultural … Continue reading

Volterra: the fieldwork of the case study continues

The UNCHARTED project includes as part of its Work Package 5 (WP5) the main case study about cultural strategic planning in Volterra and the experience of its nomination as City of Culture in Tuscany. The first phase of the investigation … Continue reading

3D in Cultural Heritage Event in Rome was a success

The first public event of EU funded project EUreka3D is organized by project coordinator Photoconsortium in Rome on 6th June 2023. The conference 3D in Cultural Heritage is integral part of the DHCH 2023 initiative on Data Science, and is … Continue reading

Reconstructing a Vlach dwelling hut – the ‘kalive’, with interiors

Article and images courtesy of Eglantina Serjani (CeRPHAAL) The INCULTUM partner CeRPHAAL in Albania has identified the cultural heritage of the Vlach minority as the main product of their project’s innovative actions. This initiative aimed at recording, revitalizing and promoting … Continue reading

CitizenHeritage: Looking for New Participatory Practice

text by Costanza Rizzetto (Erasmus University Rotterdam), image from EUR image bank, by Jonathan Van Rijn. The installation ‘The Value of Art’ (2010) consists of two traditional oil paintings portraying a hairy cat and a lady. Any 10 seconds a … Continue reading