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The general architecture of the DCH-RP e-Culture Science Gateway (e-CSG) and its web-based and mobile app implementations are the subjects ot this webinar which is organised by the DCH-RP project and also supported by the European Grid Infrastructure. Live demonstrations about how to access and use the e-CSG, both as end-user and repository manager, will be provided.

 Webinar access page: http://connect.ct.infn.it/dch-rp

Agenda: http://agenda.ct.infn.it/conferenceOtherViews.py?view=standard&confId=936


Useful links:

Instructions to register and sign in on the e-CSG

e-CSG mobile app page on Google Play

Dates: 24 June 2013 (16:00-18:00)

Timezone: Europe/Rome

Location: Adobe Connect Virtual Room: http://connect.ct.infn.it/dch-rp

Chairs: Roberto Barbera



Please login as guest and provide your Name and Affiliation in the Guest Name field. In the top left corner you can then click on “Meeting -> Audio Setup Wizard” to configure your audio. You can test your computer and your devices at this link: http://connect.ct.infn.it/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm. Adobe Connect tutorials are available at: http://tv.adobe.com/show/learn-adobe-connect-8/.


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