Parallel Semantic Search Across Multiple Repositories


Thanks to the collaboration between DCH-RP and CHAIN-REDS projects, a Parallel Semantic Search Engine has been integrated in the e-Culture Science Gateway.

This is a standard-based web 2.0 demonstrative platform that enables search in parallel in different online repositories of linked data. The users now can search across the tens of millions of resources contained in the CHAIN-REDS Knowledge Base as well as in the Europeana, Cultura Italia and Isidore repositories.

semantic search

Data accessible through the eCSG are stored on the European Grid Infrastructure and are accessible through the pan-European GEANT network and the National Research & Education Networks. The service is available both in a web-based version and with a mobile app.

The eCSG was developed to show the Proofs of Concepts (PoCs) identified by the DCH-RP project and how they fit with the requirements defined in the Roadmap.

semantic search results

Please access here the Semantic Search service:


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