The DCH-RP e-Culture Science Gateway joins IDEM and eduGAIN


The DCH-RP e-Culture Science Gateway  has been registered as a Service Provider of the Italian identity federation IDEM* and, through it, to the eduGAIN** identity inter-federation. This means that everybody belonging to the eduGAIN member countries (see the image below) and holding federated credentials can be authenticated to access and use the e-Culture Science Gateway.

eduGAIN member countries

eduGAIN member countries


idem_homeIDEM* (federated IDEntity Management for service access) frees reasearchers, teachers and students from managing their multiple credentials necessary to access web services.


eduGAIN_rgb100x45The eduGAIN** service is intended to enable the trustworthy exchange of information related to identity, authentication and authorisation between the GÉANT (GN3plus) Partners’ federations. The eduGAIN service will deliver this through co-ordinating elements of the federations’ technical infrastructure and a policy framework controlling the exchange of this information.  The initial goal is to enable Pan-European Web Single Sign On (Web SSO) to both GÉANT services and to those provided by other communities represented by, or associated with, the GN3plus Partners.

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