EuropeanaTech and Pelagios, together for Linked Open Data


Portolano_(Egerton_MS_2855,_f.8r).jpegThe current issue of EuropeanaTech Insight newsletter is solely dedicated to the Pelagios community and was done in close collaboration with the Pelagios team. Pelagios is a community and infrastructure for Linked Open Geodata in the Humanities, which means that it aims at connecting online resources by linking historical materials through their common reference to particular places (hence geodata).

Pelagio’s well known resources are Recogito, a tool that makes it easy to identify, record and export as Linked Open Data the places referred to in historical texts, maps and tables; Peripleo, a search service that allows you to find community-curated content related to specific places; and Pelagios Map Tiles, a set of resources that allow you to project data onto dynamic maps dedicated to different historical period, and the three of them are widely used by digital humanities researchers and heritage institutes.

EuropeanaTech has been engaged with Pelagios for many years, and the issue 12 of the EuropeanaTech newsletter provides 7 different implementations and insights into making use of Pelagios and being involved in the community. It’s a rich resource for any researcher or institute curious about exploring LOD or those already familiar with it curious about implementing it in new settings.

Read the Newsletter:

img. Portolano by Grazioso Benincasa, Public Domain via Wikimedia commons. This file has been identified as being free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights.


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