E-infrastructures and services for data preservation and curation @ EGI CF 2014, Helsinki



In the last years, e-Infrastructures and DCH communities entered a dialogue and now several data-infrastructure projects exist, whose results can be adapted and re-used in the DCH domain. In particular, fruitful cooperation started among these projects to test the services and tools developed to facilitate the storage, access and preservation of digital data and to provide feedback for the further improvement of such services. Aim of this workshop was:

  • To present the common registry of services and tools which is being developed jointly by DCH-RP & APARSEN and to discuss how to sustain it after the end of the project. The registry will contain descriptions of common user scenarios as well as information about the tools that may be used to implement them. In addition it will support searching the tools database using several criteria and it will also provide assessments and reviews of most relevant tools. The aim of the registry is to help a broad range of DCH communities, institutions and projects to plan implementation of their digital preservation processes implementation and understand commonly available options by offering them the integrated information from both projects.
  • To present the first results of the Proof of Concepts that have been conducted in the frame of DCH-RP, where e-infrastructure providers and cultural institution work together to test services and e-infrastructures to store and manage cultural digital resources.
  • To present the interim version of the roadmap for the long-term preservation of digital cultural content, which aims to help policy makers and programme owners to plan ahead and assist managerial teams of cultural institutions in taking decisions related to digital preservation and to support cultural heritage institutions in defining practical action plan with a realistic time frame for its implementation.
  • To attract new projects and initiatives working in the domain of DCH, e-infrastructures and digital preservation to find synergies and discuss opportunities for cooperation, starting from concrete use cases.


DCH-RP workshop helsinki 1PRESENTATIONS

  • Introduction to the workshop (Antonella Fresa, Promoter Srl, download PDF)
  • A roadmap for the preservation of digital cultural content (Borje Justrell, Riksarkivet, download PDF)
  • The DCH-RP registry of services (Michal Jankowski, PSNC, download PDF)
  • APARSEN structured list of services for digital preservation (Felix Engel, FTK, download PDF)
  • Keeping culture alive: participative storage and access solutions for cultural and research institutions (Hilke Arijs, KIK-IRPA, download PDF)
  • Sustainability of digital preservation services in the long term (Ed Fay, Open Planets Foundation, download PDF)



DCH-RP (www.dch-rp.eu) is a coordination action co-funded by the European Union under its Seventh Framework Programme whose outcome is a roadmap for the implementation of a preservation infrastructure for Digital Cultural heritage (DCH) which will be the first instance of an Open Science Infrastructure for DCH in 2020.
For further information visit the DCH-RP Showcase.



  • Researchers in the humanities
  • Teaching and learning actors (schools, training centers, university courses)
  • Cultural and creative industry for the creative use and re-use of the digital cultural content
  • Content providers (e.g. big and small cultural heritage institutions – libraries, museums, archives, other National institutions -, private and public publishers, etc.).
  • Policy makers and programme owners
  • E-infrastructure providers, technology providers and R&D institutions
  • R&D projects and initiatives focusing on e-Infrastructures and digital preservation.

Visit the dch-rp Showcase

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