Digital Cultural Heritage as a lab for fostering win-win collaboration between the public and the private sector



PHOTOCONSORTIUM, the international consortium for photographic heritage, organized its annual event 2018 in Barcelona, hosted by Generalitat de Catalunia – GENCAT in the beautiful locations of the Department of Culture.

While the Association’s general assembly took place on 11th June, a public conference is organized the day after.


“Digital Cultural Heritage as a lab for fostering win-win collaboration between the public and the private sector” – half day conference

Santa Mònica Art Centre, La Rambla 7 Barcelona

12 June 2018

10.00 Welcome message / Anna Busom, GENCAT

10.10 The road from object to story: metadata as a gateway to unlocking digital heritage / Fred Truyen, Photoconsortium president

10.30 Photoconsortium collections in Europeana: Europeana Photography and Migration / Sofie Taes, curator

10.50 break

11.20 EU funding digital cultural heritage: how to succeed in a European project / Antonella Fresa, Photoconsortium vicepresident

11.40 Connecting Culture with Europeana / Douglas McCarthy, Europeana

12.00 Panel discussion: Experiences of collaboration, sustainability and best practices around photographic heritage and new technologies

13.00 Closing of the event

Attendance was free. Contact:



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