DCH-RP plenary meeting in Catania


infnOn January 20th and 21st, all the DCH-RP partners met in Catania for the project’s plenary meeting, hosted by INFN at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Catania.

This plenary meeting was particularly important for the partners because it followed the project’s review and it was the occasion to discuss and implement the review’s follow-up.


Main topics of discussion in this plenary included:

  • the release of the  intermediate version of the roadmap for digital preservation (D3.4);
  • planning the second proof of concepts, whoch will involve other projects such as EUDAT, APARSEN, SCIDIP-ES, SCAPE, ARIADNE and OPEN AIRE;
  • planning the next steps, among which the DCH-RP International Conference and the e-infrastructure Concertation Workshop.

The list of the next appointments that will be attended/organised by DCH-RP is:

  • Amsterdam, 4-6 March, participation to the EGI Workshop on Managing, Computing and Preserving BigData for Research
  • Tallinn, 23-24 April, DCH-RP e-Infrastructures concertation meeting
  • Helsinki, 19-23 May, DCH-RP Workshop at EGI Community Forum (proposal submitted, exact date of the workshop to be confirmed)
  • Stockholm, early June, DCH-RP Workshop in cooperation with EUDAT on trust building (exact date of the workshop to be confirmed)

Finally, the project is currently investigating he possibility to present the final results of the project in two workshops, in September, in the frame of:


For further information visit the DCH-RP showcase or the official website.


Visit the dch-rp Showcase

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