Chalmers Initiative Seminar on Big Data


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Everywhere we look, the quantity of data is exponentially growing, fueled by the pervasive diffusion of digitalization in modern life. The fields of science, engineering, technology and even social sciences and humanities are undergoing a profound transformation to a data driven approach.   We are entering an era of data-intensive knowledge discovery and analysis, and understanding and using this growing body of information will be one of the greatest scientific and engineering challenges of the 21st century.


The two-day Chalmers Initiative Seminar on Big Data took place on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th March 2014. The seminar offered insight into a range of research challenges related to big data in areas such as life sciences, digital humanities, engineering sciences, natural sciences, and business. The organizers have invited a group of researchers at the top of their field to come to Gothenburg and share cutting-edge works in their respective fields, helping them to better understand the diverse and complementary aspects of big data. Besides the top-level researchers invited, the seminar  also drawn strong interest and participation from global hi-tech industries. Participants in the seminar were researchers from the Nordic area investing one or two full days to gain knowledge about the challenges and potentials of big data.

Teradata The DCH-RP project was represented by the Technical Coordinator Antonella Fresa. She delivered a presentation of the project with a special focus on “Big Data in the Digital Cultural Heritage”(PDF, 533 Kb). Supply and demand of large datasets for academic and scientific research is becoming a constant reality in many scientific domains, also within the digital cultural heritage. The presentation aims to discuss which is in this scenario the role of museums, libraries and archives and how they are looking at a profitable cooperation with e-Infrastructures.


Room RunAn, Chalmers Conference Centre, Campus Johanneberg, Gothenburg


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