Topic: museum & library information systems

Feature Stories – Adaptive, personalised ICT to make new sense of the past

Text, illustrations, paintings and – more recently – photographs, video and audio recordings, much of them now digitised, recount many aspects of European history, from major international events to personal stories. Now, new technology is being brought to bear on these treasure troves of historical information, thanks to EU-funded researchers whose work promises to shed new light on the past. Continue reading

Interacting with Digital Cultural Heritage Collections via Annotations: The CULTURA Approach

Interesting paper presented by a group of experts and researchers at the ACM Congress DocEng 2013 to introduce the main characteristics of the digital cultural collections that constitute the use cases presently in use in the CULTURA environment. Continue reading

DCH-RP and EUDAT: a joint bet!

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed to formalise the fruitful cooperation started in the past months between the two projects funded by the European Commission. Continue reading

Digital heritage international congress 2013

Over 13 Conferences, Symposia, Workshops and Exhibitions under one roof. In the 2013 European Capital of Culture, Marseille, this fall will have place the world’s largest gathering ever focused on Digital Heritage. A federated event of the leading scientific meetings in information technology for heritage… Continue reading

Parallel Semantic Search Across Multiple Repositories

This is a standard-based web 2.0 demonstrative platform that enables search in parallel in different online repositories of linked data. The users can search across the tens of millions of resources contained in the CHAIN-REDS Knowledge Base as well as in the Europeana, Cultura Italia and Isidore repositories. The service is available both in a web-based version and with a mobile app. Continue reading

NALIS celebrates the 125th anniversary of the Sofia University

This year, the General Meeting of the NALIS Foundation is joined to the celebrations of the 125th anniversary of the Sofia University, and includes an important workshop: “Undisclosed Treasures from the Photo-archives”. Following the workshop there will be the official opening of an exhibition: “Treasures among the Donations to Library “Theology” of the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Continue reading

Photography – Museum narratives: a valuable conference

Organized by the Archeology of Photography Foundation, the National Museum in Warsaw and the national Institute of Museology and Collections protection, the seminar included a panel of international speakers. “Bringing together an array of internationally renowned speakers, the conference provided ample platform for debate and creative comparison”, said the organizers. Continue reading

Archives and libraries to discuss management software

A round table on the theme “OPEN (RE)SOURCE, valorizing e integrating the cultural heritage” has been held in Turin, organized by the heritage agency Promemoria in collaboration with Teatro Regio Torino. The event saw the participation and speeches by many … Continue reading

Linked Heritage training programme

The Learning Objects, developed in the frame of Linked Heritage, range from Europeana to aggregation, metadata standards, linked data, terminology, etc.) and address an identified shortage of awareness of these important topics. Continue reading

Improved search and higher-quality metadata through terminology management

Different organisations and different languages use different terms to describe similar concepts. Incompatible terminologies impede effective searching by end users and are also an obstacle for web services that rely on consistent metadata. Linked Heritage aimed to address this challenge by standardising terminologies. Continue reading