Smart Specialisation and Cultural Heritage: an engine for innovation and growth


s3The PREFORMA project has been invited by the Smart Specialisation Platform of the European Commission to present the main results and the main lessons learned so far at their next S3 event on Smart Specialisation and Cultural Heritage that will be held in Rome on 25 November 2016. The main objective is to present effective ways to manage pre-commercial public procurement in the field of Cultural Heritage.

This S3 workshop, co-organised by the S3 Platform, LazioInnova (the regional Innovation Agency of Region Lazio) and Regional Government of Lazio, will focus on Innovation policy and Cultural Heritage as a key element to promote socio-economic development and will discuss it how to reach its full potential.


The workshop aims at supporting policy makers in the implementation of their Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3), with a focus on Cultural Heritage, to further integrate the smart specialisation community with a larger set of actors and institutions and finally, to discuss how to operationalise the alignment with complementary policies, exploiting synergies and finding more effective ways of working.


The workshop will have a mix of plenaries and parallel working groups.

The plenaries in the morning are intended to set the scene, to introduce what regional government and agencies (Lazio, Andalusia, Centre- Val de Loire and Norte) are doing in the scope of their RIS3s to address challenges and opportunities of cultural heritage and to present cases of innovation in the field of cultural heritage not directly related to smart specialisation but with possible links to be explored.


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