PREFORMA @ EuroMed 2016


Stefan Rohde-Enslin from the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (SPK) will present PREFORMA at EuroMed 2016 in Cyprus. The presentation will be part of the panel  “Reusing Digital Cultural Heritage: Boosting Education, Audience Engagement, Business Creation” organised by the Europeana Space project on 31 October 2016.


About the panel

Digitisation has been a major objective for most, if not all, cultural content holders in every European country. Museums, Librarie, Galleries, arts organisations and also private archives have completed significant digitisation actions, also with the support of EU financing, so that now the amount of digitised cultural heritage in Europe is really impressive.

Further progressing with digitisation, which should be extended also to minor collections, archives and private citizens, requires us to understand how digital cultural data can be re-used in novel ways, in order to leverage on this wealth of digital resources to improve citizens’ participation, access and enjoyment of cultural heritage and also to unlock the business potential that lies within it.

This panel, organized by the Europeana Space project and involving the most notable EU projects and initiatives dealing with digitised cultural heritage, intends to showcase different approaches, examples and best practice of reuse for digital cultural data, and to assess their impact in terms of enlarging citizen participation, developing advanced tools and resources for educational purposes, and for creating new businesses and job opportunities.

Relevant speakers from the key institutions in Europe, which are involved in the scenario of digital cultural heritage, will illustrate experiences of content reuse that exploit digital technologies to foster societal progress and also economic rewards. The panel is a great occasion for sharing knowledge and networking: cultural managers, ICT experts, researchers, creative industries, service providers and other EU projects are warmly invited to attend.

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About the Conference

From the 31st of October until the 5th of November 2016 stakeholders from different backgrounds will have the opportunity to come together, exchange their know-how and experiences in the Cultural Heritage research as well as the current and future worldwide developments in this area.

The 6th EuroMed conference focuses on interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research on tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage, the use of cutting edge technologies for the protection, preservation, conservation, massive digitalisation and visualization/presentation of the Cultural Heritage content (archeological sites, artifacts, monuments, libraries, archives, museums, etc). At the same time, the event is intended to cover topics of research ready for exploitation, demonstrating the acceptability of new sustainable approaches and new technologies by the user community, SME’s, owners, managers and conservators of cultural patrimony.

For more information visit the Conference website.


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