YouCount Final Conference “Youth Citizen Social Science Contributing to Social Inclusion”


YouCount project


The Horizon2020 project YouCount is getting ready to celebrate its Final Conference Youth Citizen Social Science Contributing to Social Inclusion.

Join the YouCount team in Brussels on December 4th and 5th or connect, from wherever you are, to participate in this hybrid event designed for academics, citizen science practitioners, youth and stakeholder organizations, and policymakers interested in youth social inclusion.

YouCount’s researchers and young citizen scientists will present and discuss key insights and findings from the project in a dynamic format involving interactive sessions, presentations, and round-tables discussions.

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Monday 4 December: Workshop and Exhibition

The Nordic House in Brussels with host a workshop focusing on how to conduct Youth Citizen Social Science in practice and a traveling exhibition about YouCount: at each “station”, young citizen scientists will guide participants through the case country’s findings and possibly offer a small taste experience.

Those participating online will have access to a simplified visual representation of the onsite exhibition. They will be able to investigate the different “stations” through the case countries and their findings. The exhibition will also be part of the interactive session about the potential for youth citizen social science and its challenges, a topic that will be discussed in the second day of the conference.

Tuesday 5 December: Final Conference

The Final Conference will focus on presenting and discussing the main learnings from the YouCount project together with participants and key stakeholders from Europe and globally concerning our three main strands of inquiry:

To develop and validate a conceptual and methodological framework for hands-on youth citizen social science.
To use this framework to empower young people and co-create new knowledge of social inclusion and social innovations with policymakers and other stakeholders.
To increase knowledge of the actual outcomes and costs- and benefits of youth citizen social science, broadly understood.


See more details in the conference programme

Check out the speakers here


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