Upcoming masterclass event at arebyte Gallery


Image credit: Angela YT Chan, Tidal Workshop

arebyte Gallery is pleased to announce a new masterclass “Digital Practices – Masterclass with climate change expert Angela YT Chan”, that will take place on May 20 and will focus on developing a socially and environmentally responsible digital practice with climate change specialist, researcher, curator and artist Angela YT Chan.

Participants will learn about the historical roots of the climate crisis, gain tools for applying climate literacy in your digital projects, and develop frameworks for building a sustainable future in the digital sector.

The masterclass will be divided in three sessions:

  • Session 1 (11:30-13:30): this session will cover how the colonial histories of exploitative extractions from peoples and the planet have led to the climate crisis, and continue to sustain it through uneven global developments.
  • Session 2 (14:00-16:00): this session presents some of the tools available to digital practitioners to gain climate literacy and apply while developing your creative projects, focusing on a climate justice approach – one that forefronts the people at the heart of the climate struggle.
  • Session 3 (16:30-17:30): this session discusses the long-term infrastructures and resources that digital practitioners want to see in the sector and explores what already exists at the grassroots level or within other digital practices, allowing to develop intentions towards a sustainable practice that goes beyond climate literacy, towards a compassionate understanding of the dynamics of the climate crisis.

The masterclass will take place at arebyte Gallery, 7 Botanic Sq, Leamouth Peninsula, London E14 0LG. For more information, check this link. Get your ticket here.


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