The Best In Heritage 2018 Core Programme Projects & Presenters


Dubrovnick, Croatia, 26-28 September 2018

The Core Programme in the Theatre “Marin Držić”.

Featuring 28 presentations of best practices in museums, heritage and conservation awarded in 2017, with keynotes and the “spotlight” session.

A conference like no other: annual, densely packed, one-track event of three days, presenting altogether 42 prize winners from a wider heritage sector, – coming from some 30 countries across the globe. As the authors and project leaders share their success stories, the Q&A sessions that follow offer the theory behind.

The event is a celebration of professional excellence, as it gathers public, private and civil society projects, suggesting the trends and tendencies in the realm of public memory. In the last 16 editions the most frequent words of praise from the participants were “inspiration” and “networking” – as a result of getting to know the best among us.

The core programme venue, a cosy neo-baroque theatre right in the very centre of Dubrovnik, offers a relaxed ambiance ideal for succesful communication. It starts after the IMAGINES event, in the evening of 26 September, with the welcome ceremony on which the last year’s “Project of Influence” winner Jasper Buikx from Micropia will deliver the Keynote address.

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