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Museum Social Impact Summit 2024 – MuseumNext


Museums, once seen primarily as repositories of history, art and science have evolved into dynamic hubs for social impact and change. They are no longer content with simply showcasing the past; instead, they are actively shaping the future by engaging with the most pressing issues of our time.

On May 22-23, the Museum Social Impact Summit 2024 will delve deep into this transformation, highlighting how museums are harnessing their unique resources, collections, and expertise to drive positive change in society. Colleagues from around the world will share their work on poverty, inclusion, war and community.

What to expect from this virtual conference:

  • Learn how Tate are championing art as a human right.
  • Discover how New Museum is working collaboratively to build community.
  • Hear how Firstsite are working with children to inspire positive self image.
  • Learn how National Galleries of Scotland are working with people with lived experience of alcohol-related harm.
  • Kazerne Dossin shares how they are offering a museum programme as an alternative to legal prosecution.
  • Learn how Stedelijk Museum Schiedam calling for action on poverty.
  • Discover how Taubman Museum of Art is offering therapeutic art processes.
  • Hear how Smithsonian are shedding light on stories from women’s history that have been excluded, erased, obscured, forgotten.
  • Learn how museums can leverage the power of emotions to build greater public support with Art Fund.

And much, much more…

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All Museum Social Impact Summit presentations will also be available to watch on-demand for 12 months.


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