EAGLE 2016 International Conference on Digital and Traditional Epigraphy in Context



Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy


EAGLE 2016 International Conference on Digital and Traditional Epigraphy in Context

January 27-29, 2016

Rome, Italy


Information Technology has brought many significant changes in the field of Cultural Heritage and continues to be a dynamic and exciting field for the emergence of new opportunities. This wave of change has had particularly significant consequences in the field of Epigraphy and Classical Studies where the vast potential for digital content and new tools continues to reveal itself, opening doors to new and as-yet-unexplored synergies. Many technological developments concerning digital libraries, research and education are now fully developed and ready to be exported, applied, utilized, and cultivated by the public.


In the spirit of this vibrant environment, EAGLE is pleased to announce the EAGLE 2016 International conference on EAGLE 2016 International Conference on Digital and Traditional Epigraphy in Context.


Co-funded by the European Commission under its Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme, EAGLE aims to create an e-library for Digital Epigraphy of unprecedented scale and quality for ingestion to Europeana.


EAGLE is also aiming at creating a network of experts and people interested in Epigraphy and Cultural Heritage. This event is intended to be a forum for anyone willing to share and discuss experiences and current general best practices for digital editions. It is open to researchers, archivists, industry professionals, museum curators and others seeking to create a forum in which individuals and institutions can find a place to collaborate.


The EAGLE 2016 conference will confirm a keynote-speaker lineup consisting of some of the most salient voices in the field, including Charlotte Rouche (King’s College, United Kingdom) and Werner Eck (University of Cologne, Germany).



Conference Web-Page: www.eagle-network.eu/about/events/eagle2016/

Call for Participation: www.eagle-network.eu/about/events/eagle2016/call-for-participation/

Registration: www.eagle-network.eu/about/events/eagle2016/registration/

The event will be held in English.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact:


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