Photography / Archives / Ireland – Symposyum


This one day symposium will bring together researchers and practitioners who are concerned to interrogate the role of the archive in the production of new knowledges about photography in Ireland, and those who offer alternative narratives of Irish culture through a focus on photography. It will provide a forum for the critical examination of a range of photographic and archival practices, within both official and unofficial, public and private contexts. The symposium aims to gather and acknowledge ongoing research in historic, artistic and vernacular photography as it intersects with practical and theoretical considerations of the archive.


A call for papers is currently open until 16th June.


  • Art and the Archive
  • Memory, Affect, Materiality
  • Identity, Society and Culture
  • Archival Science: Collecting, Preserving and Cataloging
  • Consuming Archives: Digital Repositories and Databases


Location: Grangegorman Campus


  • Ann Curran (Programme Chair, BA Photography, DIT)
  • Fiona Loughnane (Assistant lecturer, Dept. of Visual Culture, NCAD)
  • Dr. Orla Fitzpatrick (Librarian, NMI)

More info and call for papers:


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