EVA Moscow, good dissemination for EuropeanaPhotography


eva moscowThe EVA Moscow event is of course part of the EVA conference series, and the 2013 edition was a real success, with over 500 attendants, all very interested and motivated.

This conference was part of  the Russian State Library cultural heritage event’s week held on 19–22 November 2013 the Russian State Library (Moscow, the Russian Federation) hosted the joint scientific and practical conference that included:

19-21 November 2013: 15th Annual international conference «EVA 2013 Moscow, Information society, culture, education». The theme of the conference – «Libraries and museums in digital environment: dialogue and cooperation».

22 November 2013: 12th International scientific and practical conference «Digital century of culture».

Andrea de Polo @ Eva Moscow

EuropeanaPhotography was presented by Andrea de Polo of Fondazione Alinari with a 20 minutes speech (the presentations is available here) and flyers. The presentation included examples on search images and explained the process for ingesting local databases to the Europeana Photography MINT tool that allows transformation in the Europeana Data Model and multilingual enrichment of the metadata, to be ready for ingestion in Europeana portal www.europeana.eu. Moreover, possible cooperation with local Institutions was deeply discussed. Several people asked questions, mainly about how their Institution can join the project and how Russian organizations can be involved.

Eva Moscow 2013 -

Eva Moscow 2013

Website of EVA Moscow 2013: https://eva.rsl.ru/en


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