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We report below an article published on the Europeana Professional Blog*, on courtesy of Beth Daley.

“EAGLE is a best practice network that brings together the most prominent European institutions and archives in the field of Classical Latin and Greek epigraphy (epigraphy = the study of inscriptions/epigraphs), to provide Europeana with a comprehensive collection of unique historical sources which constitute a veritable pillar of European culture.

First things first, the project has a new logo. Put together with much thought, the logo represents, ‘the plethora of inscribed material to be found among the digital content provided by the project partners’ and ‘strives to conjugate aesthetic beauty with a precise conceptual line’. The images used in the logo include Sappho, and Latin and Greek inscriptions. Find out more about the stories behind the imagery on EAGLE’s blog.

Alongside the great new logo, EAGLE have also launched their website and project tagline – ‘A digital bridge to the ancient world’. The rich, detailed and intuitive website (www.eagle-network.eu) contains all the information relevant to the project, including contact information, upcoming events and schedules, and a detailed description of partner institutions and their contributions. The tagline summarises the project’s ‘brand personality’ in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-remember.

You may have seen several posts on this blog about ‘Wiki Loves’ photography competitions – Europeana has been involved with these contests for the past few years. EAGLE is now joining in too and is offering a special prize for the best photography of ancient inscriptions within the Wiki Loves Monuments Italia contest.

Roman cities were literally strewn with written messages of the most varied nature: monumental inscriptions resulting from an intervention by the central power to propagate a certain image of itself; inscriptions posted by private parties reflecting religious convictions, professional activities, and familial ties; graffiti and occasional writings, too often ignored by history books, which stand as testimony to the nature of everyday life in its humblest and most popular aspects.

The special EAGLE prize for Wiki Loves Monuments Italia seeks to promote the intrinsic testimonial value of inscriptions and to do so in such a way that this patrimony, which exists right before our eyes but often goes unnoticed, emerges and gains the visibility that it deserves. Find out more about EAGLE and Wiki Loves Monuments Italia.

Finally, EAGLE is now active on social media so please follow them on FacebookTwitter (@Eagle_Project)LinkedIn and Google Plus.”

By Beth Daley

Source: http://www.pro.europeana.eu/web/guest/pro-blog/-/blogs/1911032/maximized?p_p_auth=EqB4RY4W

* The Europeana Professional Blog is for people working in the field of digital cultural heritage.


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