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expernova-centre-couleur-500 is a comprehensive and global solution designed to help find, understand, compare and follow the key players in innovation related to specific scientific domains.
Expernova launched its search engine and flagship product in 2010, after 2 years of Research and Development. is a web service conceived to help innovative companies maximise the success of their R&D projects by analysing their scientific and technological environments. The tool structures and transforms scientific, technical and web data from across the globe into a solution which allows you to obtain scientific profiles for experts and research organisations from a simple key-word search, presenting their areas of expertise and collaborative activity on the chosen topic, as well as the relevant scientific works (publications, projects, conferences, patents, web contents). is a tool designed for strategies of Open Innovation, offering a solution for the following challenges:


  • identification of R&D partners and scientific expertise, 
  • visualisation of a specific research ecosystem, 
  • creating consortia or collaborative projects, 
  • identification of leading technologic players
  • following competitors (technologic and competitive intelligence)
  • resolving research issues


The solution is used by more than 100 big industrial groups in 15 countries and helps innovation specialists to structure their internal processes, identify new opportunities, extend their collaborative networks and increase their productivity. gives access to 10 million expert profiles, 30 millions scientific publications, 40 million patents, 150 000 R&D centers, companies and start-ups profiles, across more than 450 scientific domains!


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