APARSEN webinar on Storage Solutions for Digital Preservation


aparsen-logoStorage is a central component in any preservation solution, and requires special functionalities in order to adequately address the need of a preservation system. Partners’ needs for storage may vary substantially, e.g. in required capacity, number of objects, size of a typical object, geographical locations. Furthermore, depending on the nature of the data and its usage pattern, performance needs may vary greatly. New technological approaches are required that help bridge the observed gaps in requirements collection, design phase and quality assessment process of the storage architectures.

Within APARSEN use cases were studied and a survey was undertaken to make an in-depth inventory of DP-risks and DP-options for different storage situations.

This APARSEN webinar provides recommendations towards adopting storage solutions that can better serve digital preservation.


The speaker’s programme is:


  1. Simon Lambert, APARSEN Coordinator:  APARSEN and why Storage Solutions are important in Digital Preservation
  2. Silvio Salza, Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica (CINI): Survey on Italian preservation repositories
  3. Jeffrey van der Hoeven, The National Library of the Netherlands (KB): The use case at the National Library of the Netherlands
  4. EUDAT SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Mark van de Sanden: The EUDAT approach regarding Storage Solutions
  5. David Giaretta, APARSEN project Manager: Concluding remarks and recommendations, what this means for APARSEN


Moderator: Eefke Smit (STM)


The meeting is a web-meeting and takes place on megameeting: http://alliancepermanentaccess.megameeting.com/guest/#&id=36245


More information on APARSEN can be found here: http://aparsen.eu/


More information on APARSEN webinars can be found here: http://www.alliancepermanentaccess.org/index.php/aparsen/webinars/


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