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From Digitization to Preservation, Creative Re-Use of Cultural Content, and Citizen Participation

E-Space, RICHES, Civic Epistemologies, PREFORMA and Photoconsortium met in a panel at DH 2015 to discuss how to establish the path towards a more advanced society, that makes use of the full potential of digital technologies to foster cultural and societal progress. Continue reading

IPR: good or bad for Creativity in the Digital World?

In a recently published post on the Cultural Studies Leuven blog, Prof. Fred Truyen (KU Leuven), coordinator of the E-Space project’s photography pilot, offers some reflections on his experience with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the successfully concluded EuropeanaPhotography project… Continue reading

Corsi e workshop Imago 2015/2016

Le iscrizioni sono aperte presso Associazione Imago, via Bovio 10, Pisa ( – 328 6610814) Continue reading

Innovate your photographic heritage and your future business!

Prof. Fred Truyen of KU Leuven recently published an interesting article on his Digital Culture blog, under the title “Europeana Space Photo pilot: Innovate your photographic heritage … and your future business!” The article tells the commitment the E-Space project is devoting through its Photo Pilot to demonstrating a range of possibilities offered by apps, Europeana API’s and a multitude of tools developed by the open source community to come up with innovative models involving historical and present-day photography, with monetising potential and investment appeal. Continue reading

More than a museum, a launch pad for artists!

More than a photography museum, the Musée de l’Elysée is a launch pad for artists. They are fully committed to helping artists produce new work through dedicated exhibitions and special projects. And this summer, they are thinking outside the box, the frame and the white cube! For the third edition of its reGeneration exhibition and book project, the Musée de l’Elysée selected 50 emerging artists from art schools all around the world. In addition, the museum have created an online archive of video interviews of all 50 artists and an augmented reality app that goes along with the “reGeneration 3” book publication. Continue reading

Photomediations: An Open Book on tour

Photomediations: An Open Book, produced by one of the pilots of the Europeana Space, has recently enjoyed an enthusiastic response from a variety of international audience. Continue reading

African digital collages of past and present

Jepchumba of presents us the digital collage, in Africa a growing form of art that utilises technology to produce a range of artworks, incorporating digital video, animation, photography, animated gif’s and digital photo manipulation. Through digital new stories of Africa emerge, setting an alternative – and often critical – narration against the image of Africa we think to know. Continue reading

Alinari and Google tell Italy in a mobile App

A new App, born from the collaboration between Alinari (firm working since 1852 in the field of photography and image communication) and the Google Cultural Institute (digital platform devoted to safeguarding and promoting culture online) enables people to explore Alinari’s archives also on mobile devices. The App, which is downloadable for free from the Play Store, gives access to two new digital exhibitions: “Italy in food” and “The Great War”. Continue reading

Urban Landscape photography and copyright

There’s a big buzz currently going on about the issue of Freedom of Panorama, connected to the neverendig story of copyright in the changing digital world, and particularly connected to photography and to user-generated content. Freedom of Panorama is a … Continue reading

Paraphrasing Daria: cinemagraphs seize the living day

Daria Khoroshavina is a 26-year old self-thaught photographer from Russia. She cooperates with Come Alive Images, the Adobe Creative Cloud Mosaic project and with a friend holds a food photography blog, “Kitchen ghosts”. Doing all kinds of photography, Daria aims to go on experimenting, trying and learning new styles and forms. Her work has been recognised and fetaured by many online magazines and presented at the AdobeMax creative conference in 2014. Here, she present to us her cinemagraph work. Continue reading