Topic: 3D imaging & simulation

INSIDDE, 6 months are done

During the first follow-up meeting of the project, all the work-packages were reviewed to check progress and to outline the next steps for the upcoming months, that will provide refinement of the technical developments and tests for optimizing the terahertz scanner and its performance. Continue reading

The Brighton Digital Festival 2013

The Brighton Digital Festival is a unique contribution to digital festivals worldwide, as it not only puts communities into direct access with digital events for free, but includes debates that raise issues such as the way digital media could be incorporated into education to enhance learning.
Continue reading

Van Gogh Museum: the RELIEVO collection

The special 3D technique used for these reproductions is known as Reliefography, and it combines a three-dimensional scan of the painting with a high-resolution print, so that the emotion of Van Gogh masterpieces are blended with state-of-the-art technologies. A Relievo includes a meticulous reproduction of both the front and the back of the painting, as well as a frame. Every Relievo is numbered and approved by a museum curator. Continue reading

Transistor 2013 – the workshop in stereoscopic 3D film making

Two S-3D Storytelling and Film Making Workshops organized by CIANT in cooperation with HfG in Karlsruhe during 3D-Festival BEYOND, an event that is a combination of science, technology and art. Both workshops are tutored by the best experts in S3D technology. Continue reading

Mary, Queen of Scots, a virtual sculpture

An Exhibition about Mary, Queen of Scots, is running at National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, until November 17 2013, featuring a virtual sculpture of her face, made with craniofacial templates based on how she would have looked during her 16th century reign. A virtual sculpture of the face of Mary, Queen of Scots, made with craniofacial templates based on how she would have looked during her 16th century reign Continue reading

Chinese cultural artifacts that are in Europe go back, digitally, to China

This is an initiative of the technological branch of Chasen Sino-Sin and related company Amber Digital, sponsored by an important group of Chinese corporations and enterprises, that are seeking in Europe for the museums and institutions that hold Chinese collection to offer them a zero-cost, advanced 3D digitization service. The museum keeps the full property of the digital objects for any purpose and exploitation, while the Chinese company is licensed to the re-use the 3D models in China for educational and research purposes, and for virtual exhibitions. Continue reading

Digital sculpture at Sónar Festival, Barcelona

A 12-metre-tall, digital, audiovisual sculpture has been unveiled for viewing at the National Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona. The digital sculpture, by Italian artist Davide Quayola, is based on an sculpture of Rodin, and is part of the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Arts, Sónar. Continue reading

Digital comics go interactive

Not only has the digital artwork used in digitally published comics become dynamic and 3D, but the new format used to create them will allow readers to manipulate and decide the outcome of the story. With the debut of the DC2 format, readers will be able to choose from a selection of different paths the story can take. Continue reading

Google Maps launches a better experience for users

It was revealed that a new, updated version of Google Maps will be made available to mobile and tablet users in the summer, and will include much higher quality images and even 3D tours. Continue reading

Italian Virtual Heritage School: Virtual Archaeology 2013

The 2013 edition of the school focused on the following main areas: processing of 3D/2D sampled data, technologies enabling easy production of multimedia presentation for the web or for museum kiosks, interpretation and reconstruction of the archaeological and ancient landscape, through Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics techniques. Continue reading