Meet the Romans with EAGLE




The first EAGLE promo video has just been released and is now available on the EAGLE website.


The script focuses on the dramatic and compelling story behind the main inscription on the Arch of Septimius Severus in Rome, evoking the whole arc of the subsequent history of Ancient Rome.


The shot list for the part devoted to Ancient Rome is as follows:

  1. Portrait of Septimius Severus and his army, including the Legio Parthica.
  2. Portrait of Septimius Severus with his wife Julia Domna and sons Caracalla and Geta.
  3. Murder of Geta at the order of Caracalla.
  4. Damnatio memoriae of Geta.
  5. Theatre scene (palliata) featuring the birth of Helen from an egg.
  6. Urban scene from the Suburra in Rome.
  7. Building of the Aurelian Walls and of aqueducts.
  8. Scene from the Sack of Rome in 410 AD.


Watch the EAGLE promo video now!


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