Meet the Media Guru in Pisa: Beth Coleman


During the Internet Festival in Pisa (4-7 October 2012), a special edition of Meet the Media Guru event will take place at Cinema Teatro Lux, Saturday 6th October 6 pm – 8 pm, free entrance. Meet the Media Guru is an initiative born in 2005:  a programme of  meetings with international leaders in digital culture and innovation, aimed at both the professionals and the generale public.

Special guest of the Pisa event is Beth Coleman, one of the most prominent voices in new media culture. Professor Beth Coleman researches and creates media design on virtual worlds, x-reality, geofilms, machinima animation, and race as technology. She is teaching in the fall on transmedia storytelling/ARG design, geolocative media, and the history of media and technology. 

Her most recent book, Hello Avatar, provides a comprehensive look at contemporary uses of virtual world and augmented reality platforms. It addresses the recent (2004-2008) public interest in virtual worlds— three-dimensional interactive online platforms— that has moved the subject beyond research lab and niche-user communities.

Hello Avatar walks the reader through several virtual world platforms, giving the book’s audience a first-hand experience of this new medium.

The event will be live streaming on, and

Further information:

Beth Coleman’s officiale website:

Meet the Media Guru official website: (italian language)

Internet Festival official website:

See Digitalmeetsculture article for the event


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