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APARSEN/SCAPE project Satellite Event – Long term accessibility of digital resources in theory and practice

An overview on management aspects such as digital rights management, policies and costs as well as technical aspects with a focus on preservation planning and scalability in digital preservation will be given. Insights into the day-to-day practice of digital preservation will foster the understanding of theoretical concepts developed in the two EU funded projects. Continue reading

MoU between DCH-RP and OPENAIRE

The main objective of the cooperation is to evaluate the possibility to reuse data made available by OPENAIRE in the Proof-of-Concepts organised by DCH-RP targeted at demonstrating how e-Infrastructures can be of benefit for the DCH community, in particular for the preservation of digital cultural content. Continue reading

Joint cooperation between DCH-RP and APARSEN

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed to formalise the fruitful cooperation started in the past months between the two projects funded by the European Commission, with the aim to set-up of a Proof-of-Concept in DCH-RP, based on the work and prototypes developed in APARSEN, and to develop a common registry of services and tools focused on digital preservation. Continue reading

MoU between DCH-RP and SCAPE

After the successful workshops and networking sessions jointly organised by DCH-RP and SCAPE, the two projects are now planning the next joint activities, such as the possibility to set-up of a Proof-of-Concept in DCH-RP based on the work and prototypes developed in SCAPE and the organisation of other joint events. Continue reading

APARSEN webinar on Storage Solutions for Digital Preservation

Storage is a central component in any preservation solution, and requires special functionalities in order to adequately address the need of a preservation system. This webinar aims to provide recommendations towards adopting storage solutions that can better serve digital preservation. Continue reading

Support for CyArk grows internationally

These sites are not only at risk of destruction from natural disasters and war, but also from the passing of time without regular, professional maintenance. The CyArk Project launched their CyArk 500 Challenge in October last year. Continue reading

PCP on digital preservation @ EGI CF 2014, Helsinki

Proposal for a workshop organised by PREFORMA in the frame of the EGI Community Forum in Helsinki. Aim of this event is to present to the whole digital preservation community – open source community, developers, standardization bodies and memory institutions – the new opportunities offered by the project and by the forthcoming call for tender. Continue reading

EGI community forum 2014
E-infrastructures and services for data preservation and curation @ EGI CF 2014, Helsinki

Aim of this workshop, organised by DCH-RP project, was to present the first concrete results of the cooperation between different projects aimed to the development of a joint registry of services and tools for the long-term preservation of digital data and to demonstrate how these services can be tested and used by memory institutions. Continue reading

Workshop on Managing, Computing and Preserving Big Data for Research

EGI.eu and APARSEN organised an EGI Community Workshop focusing on “Managing, computing and preserving big data for research”. The workshop, which was held in Amsterdam from 4th until 6th of March 2014, brought together all scientific domains within the EGI community to discuss and develop requirements on e-infrastructures to foster and support the generation, analyse and usage of the research data. Continue reading

SCAPE Consultation: Digital preservation – what to monitor and how?

Anyone willing to preserve digital content will be aware of events that might constitute a relevant risk. SCAPE is looking for digital content owners to participate in an online consultation to help them develop tools that would help you to automatically detect problems with your own content, and events that might put it at risk.” Continue reading