VIEW 2019 – call for works is open


#viewconference is glad to announce the official opening of the “VIEW Award 2019”! The short needs to have been made between 1st January 2016 and 15 September 2019. The deadline to submit is the 15th of September. Send it here

SUBMIT YOUR WORK FOR THE VIEW AWARDS 2019 – Our VIEW AWARD CONTEST is now open, with two competitions running:

1) VIEW AWARD: First Prize is 2000 Euros
2) ITALIANMIX: First Prize is a Wacom Tablet


1) VIEW AWARD 2019

VIEW AWARD is open both to professionals and students. If you have made an innovative short using 2D/3D Animation between 1 Jan 2016 to15 September 2019, we want to see it! Submit it to our VIEW AWARD competition. The best short will be evaluated on these categories: best design, best environments and best character.

  • First Prize: 2.000 Euros.
  • Maximum Duration: 30 minutes
  • Deadline to submit: 15 September 2019

We accept both individual and group projects. Each submission should come with a press kit, description of the project, high res images of the work and director(s).


Best short by Italian creatives.

Italianmix is dedicated to the work of Italian artists made between 1 Jan 2016 and 15 September 2019. The work can be animated, experimental or documentary. Maximum length is 30 minutes.

First Prize: Wacom Tablet.

We accept both individual and group projects. Each submission should come with a press kit, description of the project, high res images of the work and director(s).

How to participate:

Send us your work via Festhome:



  • Danielle Feinberg, Pixar Animation Studios
  • Barbara Robertson
  • Celia Bullwinkel
  • Glen McIntosh
  • Max Giovagnoli
  • Riccardo Russiano, student University of Turin
  • Bill Watral, Pixar Animation Studios
  • Carolyn Giardina, Hollywood Reporter
  • Professor Maria Elena Gutierrez, CEO & Director VIEW Conference/VIEWFEST, President of the Jury


  • Title: La Noria;
  • Director: Carlos Baena
  • Producer: Sasha Korelis: Country of Production: Spain;
  • Category: Animation; Genre: Horror
  • Description: “La Noria” film tells of the struggle when finding yourselfin a dark place, that darkness isn’t always what it seems, and that with courage, you can turn something dark into something beautiful.


  • Title: “Best Friend,”
  • Director: David Feliu, Varun Nair, Juliana de Lucca, Nicholas Olivieri, and YI Shen.
  • Category: Animation
  • Producer: Gobelins, l’École de l’Image


  • Title: “Wild Love”
  • Director: Paul Autric, Quentin Camus, Maryka Laudet, Léa Georges, Zoé Sottiaux, and Corentin
  • Production: ENSI
  • Category: Animation, 3D

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