Graphiae: a new art installation by Gianluca Cingolani


Graphiae Installation at Milan Malpensa International Airport


Graphiae, the digital artist Gianluca Cingolani’s new project, was unveiled at Porta di Milano, Terminal 1 of Milan Malpensa International Airport.

Graphiae takes us back to thousands of years ago, when one of the greatest inventions was made. It was when human beings began to shape their imagination, inventing symbols, words, ideas and creating writing. In Graphiae, digital art explores the gesture of an original writing, the Chinese one, that still maintains a very strong connection with images.


The installation is part of an artistic project that Gianluca Cingolani has developed in recent years together with the G_B collective, aiming at exploring the processes of invention and the role that imagination plays in these processes. The artist investigates this invention through the artistic technique of digital compositing, staging a multimedia polyptych that animates the signs of an ancient Chinese writing.


Graphiae Installation


Symbols are isolated within boxes that go to form an ever-changing graphemic matrix, where the focus goes to the unexpected relationships of meaning suggested by their morphologies: the artist explores their ideographic structure to reflect on the reversibility of the symbol into icon, to remind us that writing is a purely conventional system ready to become an image or to return to physical trace.

“Cingolani’s animated writing takes the form of a renewed game of surrealist ascendancy based on the free relations of meaning that arise from the complicit and sinuous tensions dictated by these threadlike entities, these signs so foreign and familiar that they seem to have belonged to us forever.”

(Pasquale Fameli, curator of the Graphiae installation)


Graphiae will remain on display in the Milan Gate space until June 26, 2024.



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