Cooperation Agreement bewteen DCH-RP and SCIDIP-ES


dch-rp_scidip-esThe Cooperation Agreement that has been signed between SCIDIP-ES and DCH-RP mainly concernes the collaboration and exchange of tools and services for digital preservation of – in this case – cultural assets.

Although the respective Agreement was signed in September 2014, the actual work already began in July 2014. Engineering International Ltd. and prepared for deploying and testing the SCIDIP-ES HAPPI service on the EGI Federated Cloud infrastructure.

The planned outcome of this experiment was two-fold: Firstly, the DCH community was interested in the service itself as it implements a number of required capabilities in the DCH community, such as authenticity and provenance records for a given preserved data set. The community was also interested in how well the HAPPI service could be integrated with other services in the digital preservation community.

Secondly, in the context of the emerging “Preservation as a Service” approach to the digital preservation needs in the CH sector, EGI as an e-Infrastructure provider and Engineering Italy (coming from the SCIDIP-ES project) were interested in how well HAPPI would be suited to be deployed in a virtualized infrastructure, i.e. packaged into readily instantiatable Virtual Machine images.

To that purpose, Engineering and EGI worked together in a Proof of Concepts to deploy HAPPI on the EGI federated Cloud infrastructure.


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