Algorithmic Unconscious by UCL BA Media


img. courtesy: arebyte Gallery

Algorithmic Unconscious (1-3 March 1-6PM, arebyte Gallery) is a group exhibition by UCL BA Media students as a response to arebyte’s current artistic focus on The Body, the Mind, the Soul, an exploration of the complex nature of humanity in the realm of technological progress.

Developed with curatorial and production support from arebyte team and UCL tutors, students present new media projects that examine the impact of digital transformation on the mind. Featuring works by Imogen Adeoye, Ellena-Maria Kappos, Daisy Lang, Cara McDerment, Hany Radwan-Radulescu, Maria Mujib, James Thom, Stephanie Lin, Eric Wei, Allison Zhong and Aaron Wang.

img. courtesy: arebyte Gallery

On 29 Feb 2024, 6.30 – 9 PM arebyte is hosting the opening party of the exhibition.
The opening party is open to the public, and you can book your ticket here.

On 2 March 2024, 2-3 PM, UCL BA Media students take audiences on an artist tour through their works in the exhibition Algorithmic Unconscious.
You can book your ticket here.

Both events are free of charge.


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