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Thursday, 18 April 2024
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Scenarios related to testing existing services and defining new ones

Scenario 3.1.
Proof of authenticity in distributed archiving

The Swedish National Archives takes 10 digitised images of records and ingests them into their national GRID where they undergo a migration cycle or some other processing and the SNA requires a proof of authenticity at the end of this.


Scenario 3.1a.
New scenario focusing on trust

During this processing, the GRID provider ask for information about SNA’s requirements for safeguarding  a trustworthy repository. The SNA has to describe the methodology and tools they are using for validating their objectives and methods as well as their management of intrinsic threats and threats originating from the outside of the organisation. The purpose from the GRID providers point of view is to push the SNA to come up with trust criteria for the services it will get from the GRID.


Scenario 3.2.
Defining new services

A small art gallery looks for the grid infrastructure for storage services that could solve the preservation problems. For that is needed new services not yet defined.


Scenario 3.3.
Integrating new services into existing infrastructure

The IT manager of a local art gallery is preserving the digital content using grid X. He attends a workshop on digital preservation where he hears about a new tool for checking the integrity of digital objects. He needs to implement it on the grid-based archiving solution.