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Saturday, 02 March 2024
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DCH-RP will drive the dialogue among DCH institutions, e-Infrastructures, research and private organizations, to integrated their efforts into a common work.

DCH-RP is a coordination action started in October 2012 and lasting 2 years, which will be adding more concrete results in the specific area of the digital preservation of cultural heritage.
The main objectives of DCH-RP are:
• to harmonize data storage and preservation policies in the DCH sector at European and international level
• to progress with the dialogue among DCH institutions, e-Infrastructures, research and private organizations
• to establish the conditions for these sectors to integrated their efforts into a common work
• To identify the most suitable models for the governance, maintenance and sustainability of such integrated infrastructure for digital preservation of cultural content


The main outcome will be a Roadmap for the implementation of a preservation e-infrastructure for DCH, supplemented by practical tools for decision makers and validated through a range of proof of concepts, where cultural institutions and e-infrastructure providers will work together on concrete experiments.
DCH-RP Roadmap is intended as the first instance of the Open Science Infrastructure for DCH in 2020.

DCH-RP will establish a practical liaison among the participants to the project that can represent a model of cooperation also for the rest of the sector. It will start with its thirteen partners, will then move to the 20 ‘external partners’ from Europe, Taiwan, India, Malawi, USA and South America who have already expressed their intent to participate to the study with the aim, eventually, to become pan-European and global.

Project Partners:


Associate Partners:

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