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IBM Zoo Animation

The new IBM Zoo animation demonstrates how digital art is becoming more and more relevant across all different sectors, not just for the art and design world. Artists and designers ‘Plenty’, based in Buenos Aires and part of the Jelly London team, were asked to create a new short animation for IBM to advertise business analytics to medium-sized businesses. Continue reading

Serendip-o-matic: Let’s your sources surprise you

One Week | One Tool is a project that gives developers one week to create and build a tool that will be of use to digital humanities scholars. The project ran at the end of July and on friday August 2, 2013, the Center announced that they had made a tool that pulls data from the Europeana API, among others, to facilitate serendipitous discovery. Continue reading

The epigonion: sounds from the Ancient world

‘Stories from the Grid’ is a series of short films which explore how researchers from different scientific disciplines are using cutting edge grid computing technology to advance their work. The second episode is dedicated to Domenico Vicinanza, a product manager at DANTE and a professional music composer, that describes how he used a technique called physical modelling to recreate the sound of the epigonion’s 48 strings. Continue reading

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Print Club London makes limited edition prints for the Film4 Summer Screen

Print Club London, an art studio based in Dalston that creates unique, limited edition screenprints, recently created a series of 17 film posters to mark the Film4 Summer Screen, an outdoor cinema hosted by Film4 giving Londoners a chance to catch some of the most iconic films of our generation, British weather permitting. Continue reading

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The Brighton Digital Festival 2013

The Brighton Digital Festival is a unique contribution to digital festivals worldwide, as it not only puts communities into direct access with digital events for free, but includes debates that raise issues such as the way digital media could be incorporated into education to enhance learning.
Continue reading

LuBeC Conference 2013 – “CULTURA: password for future”

The ninth edition of LuBeC will take place in October 17th and 18th 2013 in the traditional beautiful venue of Real Collegio in Lucca and will continue on the 19th with “Lucca open for LuBeC”, when the city will offer the LuBeC participants special openings … Continue reading

FST, digital integrated and crossmedia communication in Tuscany and beyond

Fondazione Sistema Toscana is a no profit partecipative foundation to enhance the Tuscan territorial system through integrated multimedia communication tools and international initiatives. The Foundation is involved in the field of web 2.0, digital communication, territorial marketing, online touristic promotion. It is also now entering in the European landscape to boost its competencies through EU projects. Continue reading

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Digital comics go interactive

Not only has the digital artwork used in digitally published comics become dynamic and 3D, but the new format used to create them will allow readers to manipulate and decide the outcome of the story. With the debut of the DC2 format, readers will be able to choose from a selection of different paths the story can take. Continue reading

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The Pirate Cinema

This art exhibition is shows a fresh take on exploring internet activity and applying it to digital art, whether the activity be legal or illegal. Continue reading