QueerTech.io 2018: call for works


Queertech.io is calling for digital and new media works from queer identifying artists. Be part of the ongoing conversation about #QueerTech.

Curated by the Queertech.io artist collective and Midsumma Festival, works selected will be premiered online and offline across multiple sites at Midsumma Festival 2018, including RMIT INTERSECT SPARE ROOM & LIGHTSCAPES program, and on Testing Grounds Experimental Video System. A selection of highlights will be screened at ACMI ART+FILM 2 February 2018.


Now more than ever, queer voices are vital to a continued socio-political discourse surrounding representation in a digital landscape. Queertech.io showcases a broad cross-section of the innovative, poignant and queer-as-hell works emerging from diverse queer communities.

In the same way that the glitch cracks the hyperreal veneer of digital media to reveal its underlying architecture, ‘queer’ is a strategy that reveals the workings of the power structures of normalcy. The glitch is not an error but an artifact of the materiality of the system. It takes work to maintain the veneer. Indeed, there is no single queer strategy. That is the point – it is a diverse range of attitudes and positions that resist (or simply ignore) standardising regulation.

Recognising that all technical decisions are political, #QueerTech artistic interventions evade arbitrary normative practices within digital culture. (If one wants to ascribe to a unifying political goal…) #QueerTech art practices occupy virtual spaces as ‘utopic futurity’, as an extension of the queer body like a virtual mental prosthesis.

In 2017, Queertech.io included works from artists in ten countries and spanned video works, games, gifs, 3D models, animations and interactive works. After premiering at Midsumma Festival 2017, the Queertech.io collection toured nationally and internationally.

QUEERTECH.IO = ART(URL, IRL); CALL FOR WORKS BY 12 NOV: http://queertech.io/submit/ 


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