More than real: art in the digital age


The annual Verbier Art Summit connects thought leaders to key figures in the art world and creates a platform for discourse, innovation and change in a non-transactional context. It is an independent initiative organised by a non-profit association in partnership with a yearly rotating international museum director. The Verbier Art Summit’s 2018 publication features contributions by acclaimed international artists and innovative thinkers. The publication is the outcome of the 2018 Summit held from 18 to 22 January in Verbier, Switzerland.

More_Than_Real_cover_and_spineThe Summit theme and this accompanying publication, MORE THAN REAL. ART IN THE DIGITAL AGE, were conceived by partnering museum director Daniel Birnbaum of Moderna Museet Stockholm, Sweden. The publication is edited by Daniel and Michelle Kuo, curator of painting and sculpture at MoMa NY and eatures contributions from 2018 Summit speakers, forming a multidisciplinary exploration of art in the digital age by artists, museum directors, curators, and academics. Contributions range from reflective moments on artistic practices, to essays on threats of new technologies and curatorial practices. Ed Atkins writes reflectively on his work in his essay ‘Losslessness’: “Writing this, I’m struck by the queasy clarity of my own neuroses – as well as their positive motility: how I’ve almost always wanted my videos firstly to be analogous to people, to bodies, to experience, to loss.”

In addition, the book features 9 graphic works by Douglas Coupland, as well as illustrations by Summit participants. The publication also highlights important moments at the Summit in the form of full talks, artist statements, and off-stage conversations between speakers.

The book is now available online.

The 2019 Verbier Art Summit will be organised in partnership with acclaimed museum director Jochen Volz of Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Brazil. The next Summit will take place on 1–2 February 2019 in Verbier, Switzerland, and will be curated by Jochen Volz around the theme:


In times of increasing uncertainty, we are in need of a deeper understanding of the multiplicity of narratives around us. Art has the potential to give voice to forgotten and silenced narratives, but also to envision entirely new possibilities. By bringing together artists, museum directors, activists and academics, the Verbier Art Summit will engage the art world in critical reflection on their social and political responsibilities. Together, we will explore the political power of art.

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