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Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

GoUNESCO is a global community of travel and heritage enthusiasts connected through an online forum and vitalized by its strong social media presence. The GoUNESCO challenge is open to travel enthusiasts of all over the world. Doesn’t matter where you live, how you travel, when you travel and how long you travel. Continue reading

The Luce Institute, the Italians’ Memory

The LUCE Institute, 90 years after its foundation, opens the doors of its archives to surprise Rome with a huge variety of movies with an extraordinary historical and artistic value. Thousands of photos and videos filmed by the “cinemobili” which, ran 20,000 km a year to document many events. Continue reading

American Students Help Preserve Italian Heritage

It is difficult for a student to appreciate the value of historical architecture and the importance of preserving it. Studying in Italy, this American students changed their perspective contributing to the conservation of the sanctuary. The course was held at La Verna, a Catholic sanctuary founded by Saint Francis. Continue reading


From 9 to 12 October in Tuscany, Pisa, it is being held the Third Edition of Internet Festival (IF2014), one of the most important European events dedicated to the digital world. Testimonial of IF2014 will be obviously Galileo Galilei, whose 450th birth anniversary is celebrated this year. Continue reading

Unesco Digi-Arts Africa

UNESCO is the general contest of this project that is working to create relationships between experts and different regions of the Third World, like Kenia, Senegal and South Africa. It aim to contribute to the development of a program of digital arts that reflect the specificity artistic practices of the African continent. Continue reading

The LEAP – Lab for Electronic Arts and Performances

LEAP’s central concept is based on experimental research in digital technologies and media, which shape and change our present and future society and stimulate new discourses, discussions and questions. The human being (or body) is thus in performative interaction with these technologies and their impact on society and culture. Continue reading

PlayMarche for Development, Research and Innovation

The company follows an inclusive approach towards work, adopts co-creation and open innovation methods, moves towards a development model based on contamination among ideas and actors,is based on the cohesion among academic founders, bringing competences covering economics, business sciences and digital humanities, and the group of enterprises involved, asingular mash-up of diverse know-how and experience. Continue reading

Girls of the Underworld

Girls of the Underworld is a group show ran by the Singapore’s Kult Gallery and it will run untill Saturday 28 June 2014.
This exhibition want to show what it means to be female in the Asian society from the prospective of 34 young female Asian artists and represent the generation of increased planted on Asian pop culture… Continue reading

3DHOP by CNR’s Visual Computing Lab

The interactive visualization of 3D content on the Web has gained momentum in recent years, thanks to the release of ad-hoc technology as part of HTML5. However, so far, few products fully exploit this opportunity for the easy and quick embedding of high-resolution 3D models in a Web page. 3DHOP (3D Heritage Online Presenter) is an advanced solution for easy publishing of 3D content on the Web. Continue reading