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Monday, 17 June 2024
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IMAGO PISA – Cultural no-profit Association

IMAGO is a cultural no-profit association settled in Pisa, which was born in 2002 thanks to the effort and passion of a group of people who are in love with visual arts. President of IMAGO is renowned photograph Rudy Pessina.

Photography plays the leading role but also video-art, painting, drawing and many other artistic expressions are the subject of IMAGO’s activities. Even music, dance and theater are used to contaminate IMAGO’s events.


A MEETING POINT: exhibitions, photo-reportages, photo and video projections (analogical-digital, film-digital), lectures, presentations, classes.

A LABORATORY FOR NEW IDEAS: everybody in the association is free to propose and develop his creative project, counting on the practical help and support of the other members, who enjoy cooperating

A CREATIVE SHOWROOM: every year, many young artists have the possibility to exhibit their works and come into play with the public.

Year after year, IMAGO has become a reference point for those who are interested in visual arts, because of its lively presence, in Tuscany but also elsewhere,  and many appreciated proposals.

Exhibitions, photography classes and lectures, trips to visit cities or other exhibitions, nice events and happenings are always open to experienced artists, neophytes, and curious ones.

IMAGO is also the original promoter of the Photographic Marathon which takes place once a year in several different cities of Italy. This event is very well known and appreciated by IMAGO members and friends, but its popularity is non-stop growing and extending.

It is a 12-hours-lasting photographic game, composed of 4 different themes, which are revealed one by one every 3 hours.

Each participant, in his own city, will represent the 4 themes through a photo. Traditional cameras or digital tools are allowed.

The best shootings – 1 for each theme, a total of 4 photos for each participant – will be showing in the dedicated Exhibition.

See our photogallery’s website (italian language only)

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