PS Value Talks’ Event: Cultural Policy and Local Growth



PostScriptum and  the PanHellenic Union of General Directors of Local Administration “Kleisthenis” organized a unique PS Value Talk Event called “Cultural Policy and Local Growth” on Friday the 20th of May 2016 at Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki.

The event was held within the context of MoneyShow ’16 Thessaloniki, a multi-conference forum,  fostered by the 2nd Forum of Local Government & Entrepreneurship and aimed at presenting an innovative strategy geared by the cultural domain and by following prototypes and design practices which achieve the development of  a new “hyperlocal” growth model which is characterized by its sustainable and competitive nature and is based on the valuable resources that Greece offers.

In the recent years, the role of culture as a means of growth has been reinforced by the priorities of the national and European regional development policies which focus on the efficient use of the existing resources applied on new entrepreneurial models which associate culture with tourism and the environment, the design of innovative applications and the rise of synergies between public an private sector.

An integrated approach towards cultural capital and the promotion of creative industries locally in conjunction with the selection of appropriate funding tools constitute the main challenges and opportunities that local authorities will be facing for the coming period.

During the event, partner PostScriptum disseminated Europeana Space project with a presentation, particularly showcasing the value of content re-use and the value of hackathons to engage communities. Dissemination materials were also distributed. Attendees were Greek representatives of the culture and academic sectors, ICT Industry, and policy makers.



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