OSSCOM 2015: International Conference on Open Source Software Computing


textsliderrThe International Conference on Open Source Software Computing (OSSCOM 2015) is meant to be an international forum for experts, professionals, researchers, and students to promote, share, and discuss Open-Source Software (OSS) services, resources, applications, products, and tools. Researchers and professionals from all over the world are invited to submit proposals for tutorials and workshops as well as papers in areas related to open-source software.


Speakers and delegates will represent many different categories and stakeholders from the private and public organizations, universities, and enterprises. OSSCOM 2015 will focus on the perspective of open source software adoption as alternative solutions to proprietary software and will point out how specialized OSS enterprises can be developed from within universities to integrate creativity, entrepreneurship, and competitiveness and build sustainable OSS industry.


Register for the conference at: http://osscom2015.osscom.org/





International Conference on Open Source Software Computing (OSSCOM 2015) is part of the Open Source Software Communities and Rejuvenation of Technical Education and Innovation Project, funded by the EU under Tempus project.

The Open Source Software Communities and Rejuvenation of Technical Education and Innovation Project (OSSCOM) is an international project that aims to setup linkage between academic institutions and enterprises to support transformative technical education and rejuvenation, build Open-Source Software (OSS) hubs and communities, enhance technology access to societies at large, and boost economic development. OSSCOM enables the achievement of these objectives by establishing technology centers to provide coordinated support and resources for developing and enabling an environment for large-scale OSS technology outreach and its use in academic institutions and enterprises. By attracting higher education (HE) institutions and industrial partners from the Middle East and Europe, OSSCOM will be a large OSS capacity building, entrepreneurship, and technology support project in the region. OSSCOM road map is to establish links with enterprises for relevance of ICT education; setup OSS technology hubs to provide support to communities and promote innovation and business acceleration; develop OSS technology resources; facilitate the adoption of OSS as feasible alternatives to proprietary software; and create entrepreneurship incubators and business start-up facilities. OSSCOM approach is comprehensive and wide-ranging in geographical coverage in the Pan-Arab region and Europe. Activities will span the whole cycle of integration, from setting up links with enterprises and establishing specialized OSS technology centers to the integration of OSS into education and learning systems and transformation of innovation and business startups. OSSCOM will play an important role in disseminating OSS resources, providing technical support, and creating awareness at the policy level in the region towards a national move to adopting OSS technologies and making available affordable technologies to citizens.


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