Europeana New Projects meeting: a growing Family.


KBThe Europeana family projects is growing with several new projects that it was recently presented at the meeting organized by Europeana Foundation at the Letterkundig Museum hosted by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, (The Hague, 13-14 March 2014).

This meeting has provided an opportunity for coordinators and relevant work package leaders of recently started Europeana-related projects to exchange information about their projects, identify overlaps between projects and discuss an agenda for co-operation.

How can we get the most from 5 projects with 127 partners totaling 3500 man months? Europeana Space, Apps4Europe, Ambrosia, Europeana Cloud, Europeana Creative and Europeana Sounds have similar aims to bring together relevant data and content for re-use by creative industries.

attendeesThe programme was therefore designed to cover the following 5 topics of mutual interest:

Data/Content: the projects all have an aim to provide access to relevant and re-usable content. In order to do the meeting has established what is already available in Europeana, what the relationship is between metadata and content, what themes are relevant in the projects.

IPR: a crucial component of the offering will be the legal conditions and constraints around the content available for re-use. The meeting has established what frameworks are already in place and what the projects will develop that builds upon these frameworks.

Tech: this topic has focused on the data infrastructure (EDM), the ways to deliver (UIM) and access (Europeana Search API/Content re-use framework) the data and content in Europeana. The necessity to avoid any duplications in the development of tools and services and to set up a co-ordination group across the 5 projects to meet by Skype bi-monthly, especially useful for Creative, Space and Sounds are the key actions decided.

Distribution: all projects have as their main aim to stimulate creative re-use of digital cultural heritage. Experts had investigated the methods (hackathons, challenges, pilots, co-creation spaces, business lounges) that each project is developing and how they can learn from each other and co-operate.

Dissemination: all projects reach out to creative industries. The meeting has invited the projects to disseminate their results using all the various channels available (websites, social media etc.) and it has investigated markets, messages and branding.

Download the outcomes of the meeting (PDF, 540 Kb)

white over whiteEuropeana Space project has been represented by Tim Hammerton (Project Manager, Coventry University), Antonella Fresa (Technical Coordinator, Promoter srl) and Frederik Truyen (KU Leuven). Europeana Space is a 36 months project with a wide Consortium that includes 29 partners. The project objective is to increase and enhance the use and re-use of digital cultural content by creative industries, with a special focus on the use of Europeana, by delivering a range of resources and instruments to support their engagement. Tim Hammerton brought greetings from Sarah Whatley (Project coordinator) and presented the Coventry University (download the presentation, PDF, 288 Kb). Antonella Fresa has instead presented the objectives and aims of the project, by explaining what methodologies and which activities the project will use to intend to achieve them (download the presentation, PDF, 277 Kb).

Next appointment: Projects Group Assembly, September 2014 (dates to be confirmed)


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