E-Space friends: Jennifer Essex and J Squared Dance Company


by Rosemary Cisneros, Coventry University

Europeana Space’ s Dance Pilot is experimenting new applications with different kinds of content, belonging to both Europeana and other digital collections such as the important archive of Siobhan Davies.

Next to this content, there are many artists supporting the Dance Pilot through offering dance videos.

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Artistic Director of J Squared Dance Company, Jennifer Essex has recently contributed to the E-Space Dance Pilot.

Jennifer has supplied the Dance Pilot with content to test the Pilot’s applications and has been incredibly generous and supportive.

Jennifer says “In my work I try to break open the richness of human relationships through an exploration of language and metaphor. Drawing on contemporary iconography – video, film, fashion – my work is informed by a strong visual and theatrical sensibility. My current project, Distance Duet, uses the digital interactions of real couples as the source material to imagine new dance duets.”

More information here: http://distanceduet.tumblr.com/.

Website: www.jenniferessex.com

Images courtesy of Jennifer Essex and J Squared Dance Company


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