Pre Commercial Procurement for the long-term Preservation of Digital Cultural Heritage





Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) is a competition-like method designed to steer the development of innovative solutions towards concrete public sector needs. These solutions are developed by external suppliers that are awarded a contract through a phased open procurement process. In the last years, the PCP instrument is becoming more and more popular within the public sector and the European Union increased support for groups of public procurers working together on joint PCPs under Horizon 2020.

PREFORMA is a PCP project co-funded by the European Commission under its FP7-ICT Programme to work on one of the main challenges that memory institutions are facing nowadays: the long-term preservation of digital data. In particular, the project offers memory institutions an open source conformance checker that controls if a file complies with the standard specifications and with the acceptance criteria of the institutions, thus giving them full control of the process of conformity testing of files to be created, migrated and ingested into archives. This software development is carried out in a collaborative environment with memory institutions and experts. Aim of the webinar is to present the first results of the project and to invite the wider digital preservation community – open source community, developers, standardization bodies and memory institutions – to participate in this process.

For more information about the PREFORMA project visit:



  • Background and context, Börje Justrell (PREFORMA Project Coordinator): download PDF
  • The PCP/PPI instrument and how it is implemented in PREFORMA, Antonella Fresa (PREFORMA Technical Coordinator): download PDF
  • The PREFORMA Challenge, Bert Lemmens (Responsible of the Requirements Phase in PREFORMA): download PDF
  • How to contribute and next appointments, Claudio Prandoni (PREFORMA Communication Coordinator): download PDF


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