PREFORMA @ AppHub SQuAT Fest 2016


SQuATFest_Benjamin2 - 1Benjamin Yousefi from Riksarkivet represented the PREFORMA project at the AppHub SQuAT Fest on January 26, 2016 in Brussels.

The main objective of the SQuAT Fest is to assist European open source projects to bring their software into the AppHub European Open Source Marketplace. In addition, we would like to understand the current state of open source software as developed by EU funded projects, and how we can support them to improve their quality assurance and governance processes.


The main recommendation that came out from the workshop were that PREFORMA should encourage the PREFORMA Suppliers to use AppHub as an additional channel to distribute the PREFORMA Conformance Checkers, documenting the possible deployment as an example of integrating the Conformance Checkers with other platforms.

The community behind AppHub is also working on best practices, code quality and OSS (Open Source Software) risk management, producing documents, such as the AppHub Charter, OSS and tools, such as, GitHubAnalyzer. The PREFORMA project should evaluate and incorporate these documents and tools where appropriate.


Download here the presentations delivered during the workshop.


About AppHub

AppHub_logo_taglineAppHub is a non-profit marketplace aimed at facilitating the dissemination of open source software with the purpose to help European collaborative projects to implement an efficient dissemination and market outreach strategy, it helps SMEs reach a global market by providing a marketplace where business users can discover, deploy and run quality open source software packages for their information systems. The project is an H2020 project, funded in part by the European Commission, which promotes EU-funded technologies through a combination of knowledge, resources and expertise from the OW2 open source community, the Fraunhofer Fokus research institute, and UShareSoft an independent software vendor.


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