Annual conference for memory institutions in Catalonia



PACKED and the University of Girona presented the PREFORMA, TI/A and DPF Manager initiatives at the Annual conference for memory institutions in Catalonia, an event which aims to help reducing this distance and promoting a great number of digital preservation initiatives in the field of archives and document management.


In a networked world, where access to information has become a necessity and also a civil right, the preservation of data and documents has become the main factor in ensuring this access. The creation of digital archives, which makes this information accessible beyond the barriers of immediate use and technological obsolescence, it is now more than ever a service requirement which any organization, public or private, cannot renounce to. This means not only to build passive deposits, where the information is stored using a retrospective. This means to ensure that any organisation who provides a service, public or private, preserves the data and the documents that provide evidence and allow to talk with real and effective transparency. And this involves the use of digital preservation techniques.

Digital preservation or long-term preservation of electronic documents, has evolved for years and belongs to the ICT sector. There is technology, methods and sufficient experience in the world to say that this is a field of knowledge still growing and consolidating. But the strength of the concept contrasts with the lack of experience and operational deployments in many countries, both in the public and private sectors, and especially in the archival field.


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