Vacancies at C-DaRE: apply within 30 June 2015!


Inaside_Chicago_DanceC-DaRE has established itself as one of the UK’s leading Centres for dance research. It brings together artists and scholars, working collaboratively with partners from across the creative and cultural industries, both nationally and internationally, for interdisciplinary research. C-DaRE specialises in an inclusive approach to diverse forms of artistic research in dance, supported by new approaches to documentation, analysis and publication in various formats. Artistic research in dance at the Centre is situated within a range of interrelated areas including: research into the impact of digital technologies on the creation, transmission and distribution of dance; reflexive enquiry into forms of somatic practice; understanding of choreographic creativity; development of alternative sites for performance including screen and site-responsive dance.

C-DaRE is seeking highly motivated individuals, able to contribute to one or more of its research strands at the following levels:

  • Professors (2) – senior researchers with an international profile, a strong track record in achieving external research funding, excellent publication record and considerable experience in PhD supervision.
  • Senior Research Fellows (2) able to contribute high level research in a dance field, with a track record in income generation, excellent publication of research outputs and experience of supervising PhD students.
  • Research Assistants who are early career post-doctoral researchers, eager to provide support for research activities, including support for funding bids, editorial assistance, organisation of research events and other duties in support of the strategic work of the Centre.
  • Operations Manager –a key managerial role acting as chief operating officer for the Centre responsible for the day to day operations of the Centre; development and delivery of targets; management and reporting of administrative systems, finance, income and recruitment-related activity; building external relationships.

C-DareClosing dates for all posts: 30th June 2015
For full details and the application process please click on the headings below to be taken to the Coventry University Recruitment site.
Senior Research Fellow
Research Assistant
Operations Manager


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