Pre-announcement of the call for tender


TED_copyWe are happy to announce that PREFORMA call for tender Prior Information Notice has been published on the Tender Electronic Daily, the Internet version of the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Communities:

TED is a data base of European calls for tenders. It diffuses calls for tenders relating to public procurements for works, services, supplies etc. It enables suppliers to seek out contract notices by using a search engine. The pre-announcement presents the following sections of information to suppliers, and other interested parties:

  • Contracting Authority
  • Object of the contract, including information about the Framework Agreement, type of contract and place of delivery or of performance, the scheduled date for start of award procedures etc.
  • Legal, economic, financial and technical information
  • Complementary information

This pre-announcement has important functions, especially by reaching those IT-companies which already operate on public sector markets and are accustomed to cooperating with government agencies.


See the PREFORMA call for tender Prior Information Notice at

For more information about PREFORMA and the call for tender that will be launched by the project visit


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