PREFORMA Information Day: follow up


kik-irpaOn April 4th, 2014, PREFORMA organised an Information Day in Brussels to present the call for tender, which will be launched as part of the pre-commercial procurement.

The event, hosted by the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA), was successfully attended by almost 20 representatives of SMEs, research centres, universities and enterpreneurs coming from all over Europe to hear the presentations and to interact with the representatives from the PREFORMA project, asking questions and providing useful feedback.

Furthermore, the event has been webcasted and recorded to allow people who could not come to Brussels to participate remotely.

2014-04-04_KIK-IRPA_PREFORMA_7After a welcome message from Erik Buelinckx (KIK-IRPA), the project Coordinator Börje Justrell (Riksarkivet) introduced the context and the objectives of the PREFORMA project and of the pre-commercial procurement. Then, Bert Lemmens (Packed) presented the challenge brief, giving an overview of the requirements and specifications of the tender. Antonella Fresa (Promoter), the PREFORMA Technical Coordinator, followed illustrating how to get information about the tender, how to participate to the call and which are the different phases of the procurement, from the publication of the call until the evaltuation of the proposals. After a short break, the last three presentations covered how the design phase will be organised (Peter Pharow, Fraunhofer), the mechanisms which will regulate the evaluation of the prototypes (Nicola Ferro, University of Padua) and the open source approach which stands at the basis of the PREFORMA project (Bjorn Lundell, University of Skövde).

2014-04-04_KIK-IRPA_PREFORMA_2The Q&A session which followed involved many of the attendees around a number of key topics, among which: the usage scenarios to be addressed by the suppliers; the data sets which will be made available by the memory institutions participatng to PREFORMA and those that have to be provided by the tenderers; ideas on sustainability and business models; the conformancy check of the metadata associated to the digital objects; the reporting and feedback process, including the relationship with the standardisation bodies; the possibility to include in the tender other formats or processes.

Finally, in the afternoon, bilateral meetings have been organised with those participants who wanted to enter into more details, ask additional questions and further discuss the opportunity to participate to the call for tender.


Next appointment for exchange and consultation with potential suppliers will be the networking session organised by PREFORMA in Helsinki on May 21st in the frame of the EGI Community Forum 2014. For more information and to register to the event please visit the related blog post.



Introduction to PREFORMA (B. Justrell): download presentation

Presentation of the tender (B. Lemmens): download presentation

Website, guidelines and help desk (A. Fresa): download presentation

The design phase (P. Pharow): download presentation

The testing environment (N. Ferro): download presentation

The open source projects (B. Lundell): download presentation



Introduction to PREFORMA: Erik Buelinckx (KIK-IRPA)


Introduction to PREFORMA: Borje Junstrell, Project Coordinator (RIKSARKIVET)


Presentation of the tender: Bert Lemmens (PACKED)


Website, guidelines and help desk: Antonella Fresa (PROMOTER)


The design phase: Peter Pharow (Fraunhofer)


The testing environment: Nicola Ferro (Università di Padova)


The open source projects: Bjorn Lundell (University of Skövde)


Questions & Answers


Visit the PREFORMA Blog

Visit the PREFORMA Website

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