MediaConch Newsletter #4 – April 2016


mediaconch_logo_newNew Release Notes

What’s new in MediaConch 16.03

Local GUI

  • New page for the results (analyze and update in background, delete/add jobs during the processing of the queue)
  • GUI usage is saved and restored when it is restarted
  • Support of plugins (VeraPDF and DPF Manager)
  • Dynamic selection of the policy and the display format in the policy viewer
  • Dynamic selection of the display format in the implementation viewer
  • CAVPP access and preservation policy sets
  • Update of implementation checker tests, including some FFV1 checks
  • Expanded REST API of the server
  • Bugfixes

Online GUI

  • New page for the results (analyze and update in background, delete/add jobs during the processing of the queue)
  • Update of implementation checker tests, including some FFV1 checks


  • Update of implementation checker tests, including some FFV1 checks
  • Server
  • Expanded REST API of the server


Latest Downloads

Download MediaConch’s latest release or a daily build.

MediaConch now supports plugins including VeraPDF and DPFManager!

The Online MediaConch GUI enables accessibility across platforms.





MediaConch now supports plugins for other implementation checkers such as the DPF Manager for TIFF files and VeraPDF’s checker for PDF files. MediaConch will select the appropriate implementation checker based upon the associated format as determined by MediaInfo.

To facilitate large-scale testing and provide research to efforts in the IETF Cellar working group, we’ve created a website to catalog discovered sample Matroska files in a manner that allows faceted browsing according to their technical characteristics and their conformance status according to the MediaConch implementation checker. See this work in development, which contains a collection of over 64,000 Matroska files.


Upcoming Events

April 7th, 2016, Stockholm, Sweden: PREFORMA’s Open Source Preservation Workshop – Serving the Cultural Heritage at the National Library, Stockholm.

Week of July 17th during IETF96, Berlin, Germany: Save the date for Deutsche Kinemathek, a free workshop hosted by MediaArea. Let us know if you’re interested in attending!

Team MediaConch in the Wild

Take a sneak peak at Jérôme’s upcoming presentation for the Open Source Preservation Workshop in Stockholm, April 7th, 2016.

Dave shared updates at his Code4LibNYC talk at Metro NYC.

Ashley’s MediaConch shout-out was brimming with gifs in her Code4Lib presentation: Free Your Workflows.



MediaArea is eager to build a community of collaborators and testers to integrate the software in their workflows and participate in usability testing. Please contact us if you’d like to be involved!


Visit the PREFORMA Blog

Visit the PREFORMA Website

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