E-Space: Presenting the Content Space and the Open Content Exchange Platform


Europeana Space is proud to announce the initial release of the Content Space, a crucial element of the E-Space environment to enable the reuse of digital cultural content. The Content Space is now online and users can find a variety of resources, including:

  • information about licensing, rights labelling and associated new technical standards
  • guidelines on how to identify reusable content
  • guidance, tools and resources on openly licensed and public domain materials
  • case studies based on the E-Space pilots
  • legal advice and tools for the lawful reuse of digital content

In the Content Space, content holders, creative organisations and individuals can access guidelines and tools for clearing copyright and find information about the development of business models for the exploitation of digital cultural heritage content. The Content Space will then directly link to the Technical Space currently under development.

content space

The materials of the Content Space are curated by the IPR experts of Exeter University and, as a part of the Content Space, the subcontracted partner Open Knowledge is building the Open Content Exchange Platform: “a directory of materials and sources related to the value of digital public domain and best practices around open licensing, creative reuse of open content and open strategies for business modelling”, as explained by Lieke Ploeger in a post recently appeared on the Open Knowledge blog.

The Open Content Exchange Platform will help answer, in an accessible, user-friendly way, questions around the reuse of open cultural content, such as:

  • How do I label my content correctly?
  • How can i get content cleared to reuse?
  • Do licence rules for what I can do differ by country?
  • Are there differences between the licence for physical work or a digital work?

There are a variety of different resources in the platform, such as guides, case studies, videos, papers, books and presentations: through the search interface, you can easily filter on specific content, or on specific tags. All resources of our OpenGLAM Documentation page have also been incorporated – in the future, a version of the new platform will replace our Documentation webpage to provide a more user-friendly and updated overview.”


Read the whole blogpost about the Open Content Exchange Platform HERE

Visit the Content Space at: http://www.europeana-space.eu/content-space/


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